Wednesday, April 16, 2014

South Fayette mother wants case against bullied son to be dropped

South Fayette mother wants case against bullied son to be dropped

This story was shared by a friend of mine on Facebook along with a copy of the email he sent to the school district. After reading his email, I was intrigued by amount of anger he felt towards these people. So, I decided to read the article. This is absolutely ridiculous. The lieutenant on the case seriously said that he doesn't classify that as bullying?? EXCUSE ME? Spitballs to the head, trying to pull down another person's pants, and deliberately trying to scare the person IN THE MIDDLE OF A HIGH SCHOOL MATH CLASS doesn't CLASSIFY as BULLYING?! Seriously!? And the VICTIM is the one to have charges brought against him?! Just because he recorded what was going on. So he could have proof of the bullying. Because he wasn't able to do anything about it without the proof. Do these people not see how WRONG this is?

Children are told as they grow to stand up for themselves. To speak up if there is something wrong. To not be afraid to go to adults about it. And when they don't, the adults get upset for them not coming forward with an issue. Some issues smaller than this. And the adults wonder why the youth don't speak up. Well when there are incidents like this and the victim is the one punished, it's easy to see why the youth don't want to speak up.

This needs to change. Soon. Before something worse happens.

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