Thursday, March 6, 2014

Commuter Life #3

This is what the sidewalks of Woonsocket looked like just after the last snow storm. The city only clears the area around the schools and on Cass Avenue, one of the main roads. The only reason that Cass Ave's sidewalks get cleared is because the high school is on Cass Ave and a large portion of the students have to walk down Cass Ave to get home. This sidewalk is at the bus stop, in front of city property. So it should be cleared by the city.
There is an ordinance in the city that states that residents and business owners are required to clear the sidewalk in front of their property. Some people do; like business owners. They clear their parking lots and clear their sidewalks as close to the pavement as they can. This is because they care about their customers and want them to be able to visit. It's also most likely to avoid any lawsuits from people slipping and seriously injuring themselves. But a lot of people don't take care of the sidewalks. I feel that if the city wants us to clear in front of our properties, they should clear in front of their's. I mean, its for the safety of the public. And we do have a public safety division. We also have a parks and rec division, who don't really do anything other than run the ice rink during the winter. So why can't they get paid for actually doing something to take care of the city instead of just sitting around?

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