Friday, January 31, 2014

In Class Photo Session

When looking at these two pictures, I see myself very differently. The one where I am sitting on the floor, I can see the small child that is still inside, whereas the one where I am sitting on the chair, I look like a grown woman.
The first picture is a bird's eye view. When I look at it and see the child that I am inside. I see this through the position I am sitting in, knees bent up, arms on my knees, and head bent slightly downward. When I was little, that was how I would sit if I was upset, scared, or feeling alone. This photo immediately brought those memories forward.
When I look at the second photo, I see a more grown up woman, even though I know that they are both me. I see this in the way I am sitting, in a chair instead of on the floor. Also, the setting of inside a classroom adds to he feeling that I am more grown up. The room may be empty, but to me, my posture suggests that I am trying to pay attention to something in the front of the room.
I never thought a simple thing like placement could change something so much. Just by changing posture or setting could change the perspective. Also, the point of view from which the photo is taken increases and enhances the way the subject (if a person), in this case myself, can have their age "altered".


  1. Hey Kara! It was so much fun taking photos of you! I really liked that mystery view, it felt kind of creepy but it was a really cool perspective.

  2. The contrast of the two photos really does seem to impart a small child vs. grown woman -- I can see this clearly in the two photos. I wonder what specific details make you think about child vs. woman?